Bugle and Smith – Horizon out at 12Tone Records

Bugle & Smith – Horizon

Bugle and Smith at 12tone RecordsHey there fans of all things tech trancey!  Here is an absolute gem for you that has been ripping dancefloors into shreds lately! Hailing from 12 Tone, who are providing some quality output at the moment, the mysterious Bugle and Smith deliver a shuffly anthem. In the break comes this magnificent dark pad and a hugely soaring festival aimed melody and this one kicks back in with loads of energy!

Also the Electronic Pleasure Mix strips things down and slows the pace, however still retains the dark and very atmospheric break.  What more can you ask for!

This is a very special and limited mailout, which has already been supported by Scot Project, Marcel Woods and Stoneface + Terminal as well … 


Catalogue Number: 12 Tone (NL) TT102006

12Tone Records

Postbus 116

5690 AC  SON

The Netherlands

T. +31 6-5020-1364

F. +31 40-2436-186

E. michel@12tone-records.com

I. www.12tone-records.com


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