RAM – Octopussy ( 12 Tone music )

RAM – Octopussy ( 12 Tone music )

Hello all!

RAM - Octopussy ( 12 Tone music )Here is another rocking masterpiece from those tech fiends over in Holland also known as 12 Tone.  
This is the new production from Ram who is one half of the very successful Bas + Ram duo, who between them have amassed many successful releases on labels such as Joyride, Tuff Stuff, Hard Ball, Skywarp and Waterworld to name but a few.  
Here on the original mix Ram teams up with Ralph Novell and delivers a trancer of massive proportions, the twinkly melody knocks me for six every time!!!
Remix duties are from Milo.NL and CJ Stone who take the track on a more electro trance route and Digital Remedy head Lee Haslam who delivers one of his best remixes yet with a rather gritty funky trance remake!  Hope you all like this track as much as I do!


12Tone Records
Postbus 116
5690 AC  SON
The Netherlands

T. +31 6-5020-1364
F. +31 40-2436-186

E. michel@12tone-records.com
I. www.12tone-records.com


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