Trance Energy 2009 – Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL) and line up

Trance Energy 2009Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL)

Trance Energy 2009 - Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (The Netherlands)(Utrecht, NL) – We as the legion of Trance fans hunger for one of the best enents within the Trance scene. Next massive party comes up on March 7th, 2009 – ID&T‘s Trance Energy.
Since 1999 this event is the gathering place for over 30,000 party-goers and the best talented DJ’s in trance and progressive which has made it one of the most popular dance events in the Netherlands and cross-frontier.
Get your bookings soon as possible. Sale has been started on November 29th, 2008. (cost of a ticket: € 42,50)
Four stages including the main stage, Future Stage, and High Contrasts will be offered. The area that was formerly known as the Club stage will now be replaced by an all-original trance classics stage.

Line up


– Paul van Dyk
– Marcel Woods
– John ‘O Callaghan
– Tydi
– Armin van Buuren
– Fausto

Classic stage

– Bas & Ram
– Yves de Ruyter
– Talla 2XLC
– Scot Project
– Johan Gielen
– Spider Willem

High contrast stage

– Joop
– Jochen Miller
– Wippenberg
– Rank 1
– Judge Jules
– Danjo
– Artento Divini

Furure stage

– First State
– Ali Wilson
– Marcus Schossow
– Aly & Fila
– Simon Patterson
– Re-Ward
– Cliff Coenraad

Jaarbeurs, Utrecht   :
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Trance Energy 2009 :
ID&T : HomeWikipedia

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