Diamonds & Pearls Lounge Vol. 2 – Tyranno Lounge Record

Diamonds & Pearls Lounge Vol. 2
Tyranno Lounge Record

Diamonds & Pearls Lounge Vol. 2, Tyranno Lounge RecordsAfter the sensational success of the compilation “Diamonds & Pearls Lounge” (i-Tunes Electronic-Charts #1), the young and fresh lable Tyranno Lounge Records is going to publish their second compilation finally. "Diamond and Pearls Lounge Vol.2” is a mixture of the best and most famous Lounge and Chillout Producers of the last years.
The producers commited to this production are none other than Torsten Stenzel (Asheni, York), Iëlo (France), GXR (England), Flasshbaxx and Brook Sapphire so get ready to be amazed with the way they put there own styles, beats and hearts into the music.
For Lovers of “Easy Listening” and lounge music like “Cafe del mar” and "Bar Lounge" this album is a “MUST-HAVE”!
“Diamonds & Pearls Lounge Vol.2” is for everyone, especially if you want to escape from your busy life or just want to relax. It gives you an imagination of what it feels like to spent a sunny afternoon at the beach of Ibiza…. The eyes directed on the white opened sea and blue sky, the thoughts are free…..
Asheni Only Magic
Naoki Kenji Lost
Ingo HerrmannLet you go
Boot Cut RockersBlue Beach
Steen ThottrupLunar Landscape
GXR with Madison ParkI dont want to know
Redlounge OrchestraDans la musique
FlashbaxxSet me free
IëloNite life
ÜnnEscape the time
Brook SapphireWelcome the sun
Schwarz & Funk Under my skin
Nux Under the dancing sun
GXRTime and Tide
GMPBlue rain
Anthony Island
Amazing Grass (online only)
Title:                  Diamonds & Pearls Lounge Vol. 2
Artist:                Various Artist
Format:             digital + cd
Date:                 12.05.2009
Order-Nr.:         TLR006
Territory:          world
Label:                Tyranno Lounge Records
Wehrstedt & Schmidt – Bisonklint 16 – 38226 Salzgitter – Germany
tel: +49 (0) 5341 659280 – email: – web:
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