Solarstone — RSEMIX – Rain Stars Eternal Remixed


RSEMIX – Rain Stars Eternal Remixed

Sherlock Holmes had Dr Watson, steak’s got chips and Posh has Becks (well most of the time anyway!). Yes indeed, everyone and everything in life needs a companion. ‘Rain Stars Eternal’ is no exception and with that in mind Solarstone has spent the last 5 months summoning a mighty wind of remixers to reinterpret his 2008 studio album. On the 24th of October the fruit of all that work will hit record retailers and download stores in the form of RSEMIX! Packed to its 80 minute limits, it contains dancefloor-slaying reconfigurations from the likes of Ferry Corsten, Probspot, Jaksaw, Update Project, Pedro del Mar & DJ Cosmo and Bissen.

If you’re reading above and have heard forum-talk of a remix that’s not mentioned, fear not! RSEMIX will be completed by a download-only version that will include additional reworks from Randy Boyer and Kristina Sky, Forerunners, Heatbeat, Tasadi, Nick Rowland, Jule Bricks and Monolythe.

You can pre-order your copy (signed by the fair hand of Solarstone) now by hitting the SolarShop, and read about every minutae detail of RSEMIX on Last and by no means least, you can follow the countdown to its release on YouTube’s Solarstonetube channel, which will be hosting a video of each track going up everyday in the run-up to release. Its like a cinematic advent calendar, but a-religious, nothing to do with Christmas and much more fun!

SolarSurvey – Get Your Free RSEMIX mp3 Download Pack!

To commemorate the release of RSEMIX, Solarstone is launching the first annual SolarSurvey! This is your chance to give your feedback on what Rich spends 364 ½ days a year doing! The survey is short, fun and has been designed with every aspect of Solarstone’s system in mind. All elements from the music, the gigs, the label, the show and the Swarm are covered. It’s quick & easy, something to do while your boss’s back is turned, and your feedback is given entirely anonymously. Once you’ve completed it, well… we’d like to reward your effort. You’ll be able to download an exclusive, white-hot mp3 package, which includes 3 tracks from RainStarsEternal’s expanded universe. Hit the survey page now and start telling us… what you think!

solarSwarm Update

solarSwarm, the world’s first social network record label, has wasted no time in getting their new imprint into the thick of the action. The collective have decided on, and signed their first two tracks (a progressive chugger from Adam Fielding and a big euphoric uplifter from Electronic Architecture alumni Solar Energy) and the forum is now voting on which production maestros will be set to work reworking them. The label’s image and logo has also been selected and work is fast underway on the solarSwarm website.

If you’d like to become a member of this incredibly exciting and ground-breaking label, just shoot an e-mail over to telling us why!

Solarstone In Action In The Balearics!

At the end of August Rich stepped behind one of the most famous pairs of turntables in the world to deal out some audio justice! Amnesia was the venue, Cream Ibiza was the event and one steamy hot night ‘o’ trance it was too! Through the all-seeing-eye that is Solarstonetube, you can witness ‘4ever’ homing in on the sun-charged Cream faithful (like a great big laser-guided love missile!). Those with one ear always locked on the future will also be able to get a listen to ‘Electric Love’, first new track from the forthcoming album, scheduled for 2010.

The New Solarstone Label – Introducing Crashing Waves!

Crashing Waves, the latest addition to the Solarstone’s ever-expanding label empire, has been speedily been turning out the floor hits. Already on its fifth release (Walsh & McAuley’s magnificent ‘Beyond Belief EP), its already been finding favour with a very respectable number of A-List DJs. You can check all of them out now through TrackItDown here or jump straight on the label’s website here!

Gig Diary
Where to catch Solarstone playing this autumn.

22 Sep 2009 Flashblack Showcase@ Odeon, ADE, Amsterdam
23 Oct 2009 Off The Rails, Sheffield, UK
31 Oct 2009 Colours Pres. Electronic Architecture, Helsinki
06 Nov 2009 Vaccine Pres. Electronic Architecture, Bournemouth
13 Nov 2009 Destination Sunrise, Athens, Greece’
21 Nov 2009 The Experience, Beirut
27 Nov 2009 The Gallery, London
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