Bar Bubbles – compiled by DJ Lady Smiles

Bar Bubbles – compiled
by DJ Lady Smiles

Bar Bubbles (compiled by DJ Lady Smiles) - holoPhon GmbH (AT)Premium-Cocktail for
musically wallowers
The night is young, a stylish bar opens its doors and the first guests are expectantly waiting for the night to unfold. "A lady is taking care of the music tonight’, their surprised eyes seem to ask.’Ves’, my charming smile answers, let me conjure colourful Bar Bubbles for you, which seduce you to float into my sparkling heaven full of sounds." It is not the first night in such a fashionable location – and it won’t be the last, I promise – when I cover docile ears with amazing musical vibes.
"Good vibes to start with, indeed", I think to myself
pressing the play button: The Bahama Soul Club starts
the "bubbling grooves" with their style
of an "airy" cocktail-tune…
"Enjoy this smooth groovin’  Bar flight!"
Diane Lady Smiles & Holophon
1.   The Bahama Soul Club ft. Pat Appleton — Late
       Night Bossa
2.   WKCollective — All The Time
3.   Riccicomoto — Do U Like (short Version)
4.   Alacran — Reflejo De Luna
5.   Tape Five ft. Brenda Boykin — Far Far Away
6.   Brother Groove — Can’t You See
7.   Bengi Jumping ft. May — Checkmate (Mesa
       Verde Resign Mix)
8.   Glam Sam & His Combo — The Concept Of
       Being Hip
9.   Una Mas Trio ft. Malaika — Move My Feet
10. Afternoons in Stereo — Turtleneck
11. Spacestar — Bossa De Botinho
12. Monitor — Ps (Papercut Remix)
13. Pierce Vaughn aka The Blue Monk ft. Larry
       Elam — Jazz In The Jungle
14. Lop.Nor ft. Winfried Gruber — Barfly
holoPhon GmbH   

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