FATMAGIC – Higher (AnimSound usa)

high energetic house track

Higher from rising house music live act FATMAGIC
Label / Markus
San Francisco, CA

phone CA 415.990.3079
FATMAGIC is Madmax and Radina, a unique musical experiment, freshly imported from Austria directly to the San Francisco Bay Area. They are a sympathetic couple from the heart of Europe and build an avantgardistic axis in work, life and love. Both musicians are distinctive experts in beautiful melodies, classical archetypes and rousing modern rhythms. They form an enlightning sparkle between present entertainment, and future dimensions of music. The electric violin of Madmax Fiddler and the crystal-clear voice of Radina, create an unforgettable experience, a catchy dream. No one can escape from these enchanting tunes of heaven. The mindblowing range of these Austrian fireworks of sound is the opposite of Sound of Music, it’s one of those things you must see. Listen to and feel it in your heart, get a glimpse and understanding of their cosmos of music. Of course move your legs and enjoy Madmax Fiddler and Radina within your physical and emotional circluation. Europe is already moving – don’t miss music’s future face!
Radina was born in Sofia/Bulgaria and grew up in Vienna/Austria since she was 3 years old, as the sandwich kid between her 2 sisters. At school she studied classical violoncello for over 10 years but her love always belonged to her voice and her compositions. As a teenager she started to write her own songs ranging from pop, to classical or musical songs, listened to totally different kinds of music, always tried to absorb all the music around her and loved to get in touch with every new kind of music.Radina’s part in FATMAGIC is singing and playing electronic cello, songwriting and composing, she is very chameleonic which can also be heard in the way she uses her voice, she combines different styles from Soul, Blues, Jazz, Funk to balkan music on top of electronic beats. Radina knows what she wants but is always able to get it in a very charming way.
Max was born and raised in Styria/Austria and started messing around with many instruments very early: violin at the age of 5, drums at the age of 7, piano at the age of 9 and composing and conducting at the age of 10. Classically trained over more than 15 years he got in touch with many other styles over the years, such as jazz, blues, pop, progressive rock, many different styles of folk music from all over the world and minimal.Max started producing music professionally in the early 90s and was always known as the guy who loves to mix every possible style. After producing music for radio and TV broadcasting on the one hand and several band projects on the other hand he founded FATMAGIC in 2007 together with Radina. His part is producing, composing, arranging and of course playing the electric violin and didgeridoo on stage and in the studio.
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