Marc de Simon – Salvation In Trance (2010 Album)

Marc de Simon – Salvation In Trance (2010 Album)

Marc de Simon - Salvation In Trance (2010 Album) Title
Salvation In Trance
Release Date
27th of July 2010
Digital Distribution, Online, World
Trance, Techno, Dance
Label Partner
Port-au-Trance Recordings
One year after Marc de Simon’s previous album "A-Life" has been released, the artist presents his third album "Salvation in Trance" now in collaboration with Port-au-Trance Recordings.
The new album features cutting-edge tracks in modern trance sound, which are similar to a kind of "salvation" due to their freshness, and it is characterized by the typical style of Marc de Simon. Stunning melodic elements, progressive tracks with the potential to become big hymns, balearic, and dreamy elements will take you on a fantastic voyage into the world of trance music.
The album contains absolutely new tracks like "Stars of Scandinavia", "Euphoria" and "Reversal of Fortune" as well as brilliant new 2010 versions of his greatest hits "Rainbow Sky", "Fall And Tears" or "Wings", and "China", which are really true makeovers. Beside a conclusive overall concept for the album itself, the tracklisting has been adjusted very carefully for a perfect flow.
Without any doubt it can be mentioned, that the album "Salvation in Trance" is certainly the best one ever created by Marc de Simon so far – which is a proof of the constant further development of the artist.


01 – In Search of Salvation (Original Club Mix)
        08:10min @ 138bpm
02 – Into the Light (Original Club Mix)
        07:48min @ 136bpm
03 – Rainbow Sky 2010 (feat. Alesia) (Original Mix)
        05:21min @ 140bpm
04 – When You Go (feat. Antonia B.) (2010 Club Mix)
        07:41min @ 136bpm
05 – Missing Daylight (Original Club Mix)
        06:42min @ 134bpm
06 – Reversal of Fortune (Original Club Mix)
        08:18min @ 138bpm
07 – Euphoria (Original Club Mix)
        06:50min @ 139bpm
08 – Salvation (Original Mix)
        04:38min @ 134bpm
09 – Leaving Sunset Bay (Original Mix)
        08:55min @ 134bpm
10 – Stars of Scandinavia (Original Club Mix)
        07:56min @ 139bpm
11 – China (2010 Club Mix)
        07:17min @ 138bpm
12 – Wings (2010 Club Mix)
        09:11min @ 138bpm
13 – Unchain Perfection (Original Mix)
        03:54min @ 138bpm
14 – Fall and Tears 2010 (feat. Alesia) (Original Mix)
        04:15min @ 140bpm

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