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Marcies new column – Marcie’s Lyric Picks –

February 15, 2010

Marcies new column – Marcie’s Lyric Picks

Marcie's Lyric Picks
Well known Marcie opened a new column she is writing called "Marcie’s Lyric Picks".  It is a supplement to ‘Behind The Lyric’ for the time between radio broadcasts.  She will be comparing and contrasting the lyrics in various Dance tunes each week.  Not all the tunes she speaks about are in episodes of Behind The Lyric.  It is covering lyrics from a different angle than the radio show, so as to be fresh!!
Interview with Marcie by our
dear fellows @ Trance Podium

 Marcie’s Lyric Picks Vol. 1

  Timely Voices

By Marcie of "Behind The Lyric"
The passage of time is something every conscious entity has no choice but to experience.  The experience of time is a subjective one, and highly dependent on our personal emotional state. When we are heartbroken, time can drag on endlessly.  It’s the same when we are bored, or feeling purposeless.  When we are in love, smiling and laughing, or completely immersed in an activity we enjoy, then time feels like it is flying by.  I am sure many of us find listening to music makes time pass more pleasantly.
I have noticed that time is a topic often sung about in Vocal Trance, with artists sharing their own perspective on a moment of time in their life.  Here is a list of some of my favorite Vocal Trance tracks that mention moving forward in time, dreaming of the future, and being influenced by our memories. 
1) Nic Chagall feat Jonathan Mendelsohn – This Moment
"And I can’t deny these memories got me all locked up inside
And you hold the key"
I think Jonathan expresses a sentiment we have all felt about our memories.  Memories can be bittersweet.  We need our memories to give our life context, but sometimes it’s hard to break free of our memories to start fresh.
2) Armin van Buuren feat. Jaren- Unforgiveable
"Well it ain’t over ’till it’s over
And my world shuts down
But this comes close, I’ll have you know
It’s just a matter of time"
When I hear this refrain, I hear the pain in Jaren’s soul.  She is at a breaking point, but instead of breaking completely, she is finding a way to draw on her inner strength and keep moving forward.  I love lyrics about approaching the future with a new understanding of the past.
3) Air Hustlers feat. Colleen Riley – Downtime
"Shotgun-bang! And the race is on
I can’t meet my deadlines, I can’t read the headlines,
I stopped to smell the roses but their season had passed
I need a little down time"
It is sad to think about all the beauty we miss when we rush about our lives with tunnel vision.   In Behind The Lyric Episode 1, Colleen Riley says "Downtime….was a chance to write about that oft needed breath that we don’t have time to take, or don’t make time to take".
4) Mark Pledger Feat. Melinda Gareh – Time Stands Still
"Beyond this faded realm of reason
Time stands still"
Melinda sings about an experience when time seems to stop completely for her.  I think sometimes we all want the whirwind of our life to come to a halt so we can breathe, take a step back, and figure out what is going on, and what we truly want.
5) Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt- Not Enough Time
"I stand before you in the last dance of an old life…"
This line is chilling.  It reminds me that times are always changing, and it is our choice how we optimize our use of time.
6) "Andy Duguid feat. Leah- Wasted"
"Wasted all this time, searching
 Brought me to my knees"
The tone and melody that Leah uses to sing these words is full of heartache and regret over time wasted searching for something that cannot be found.
7) BT Feat. Jes – Every Other Way
"Heart don’t fail me now
‘Cause there is no time to waste"
Jes beautifully sings about her desire not to waste time in matters of the heart. 
8) Oceanlab- Sky Falls Down:
"You lose all sense of reason
You have no sense of danger
It’s like you’re living in a dream.
It lets you float through crowds and
Makes you smile at strangers
It’s just the greatest state of being, Oohh… "
As I said earlier, when we’re in love, time flies. Lovers fill time with daydreams, hopes, fantasies, and a sense of contentment.  These lyrics strike me as incredibly romantic, but also have a sense of desperation and intensity that perhaps cannot be maintained for long.  It makes me wonder how long does the euphoric state of love last?
9) Tydi & Dennis Sheperd feat.Marcie- Somehow
"If you could see into the future, would you do it different now?"
When I’m faced with very difficult decisions, I desperately wish I could see into the future for guidance.  Since we can’t see into crystal balls, it is important not to ignore advice from people who have life experience that we can benefit from. 
10) Tritonal feat. Hannah Sky – Jump Off
"So here we go again
Sometimes I feel nothing’s gonna change
Let’s jump off, into time"
I like the idea that sometimes we have to jump start our future, and now is as good a time as any to do that!
For more thoughts straight from your favorite Artists on their own lyrics, check out "Marcie presents Behind The lyric" right here!!!

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